• Summer Camp Program Details

  • This is a special seasonal program that is PERFECT for first-time or introductory beginner level students. The program is specifically designed for students who may have been interested in trying archery and focuses on introducing these new students to the basics of archery so that they learn correct processes while having FUN! On the concluding Friday of each 5-day week long camp session, there is an in-house tournament for the students to show their new skills to their family and friends who wish to watch the tournament.

    Those who show a continued interest in the sport at the end of their registered session week will have a chance to learn about follow up options at the end of the tournament date. The syllabus for each camp session remains the same week over week and does not change.

  • Due to our fewer than usual sessions available this year (tournament season conflicts) combined with our in-house restrictions for minimum safe distancing from the range’s side walls we will only allow a maximum of 16 students per camp group session this year with 2 rotating shooting lines of up to 8 archers per shooting line.

    We also have a more strict minimum and maximum age requirement since this is a group that combines introductory level students from different families and we want to be sure to give all students as much dedicated attention as possible and ensure everyone’s safety and comfort within this group setting.

    • General Program Prerequisites
    • MANDATORY ATTENDANCE: The 1st day (Monday) of the camp session CANNOT be skipped. Failure to attend the first date of camp (Monday) will result in the student being automatically removed from the rest of the course without refund. Day 1 (Monday) is the required safety course required for any student in our range to be able to utilize our equipment and facility.

      Please consider this requirement, before choosing a camp week session for your student as it will mean you forfeit the paid week, unless advised 14 days prior to be able to reschedule camp week selected.

      Minimum Registration Age: 9
      (by 1st day of their registered session, non-negotiable)

      Maximum, Registration Age: 18
      (okay if 19 by last day of their registered session as long as no older than 18 on their 1st day, non-negotiable)

      Previous Experience: None to limited

      How Many Sessions Can We Do?: We HIGHLY suggest against having any student sign up for / attend more than 1 session since the program outline and learning syllabus remains the exact same, session over session to give NEW archers first hand experience (see "Daily Camp Schedule 2022 Outline" section below. Once your archer is past this session, other limited possibilities might become available, based on their safety level during camp.

    • What if my child doesn’t have their own equipment?
    • We provide ALL neccessary equipment for the archers to borrow while actively at the range for both the program and the Friday tournament, as part of the program to ensure everyone has the same type of equipment and safety accessories.

      We use Barebow Recurve bows only. Bows are assigned to the archers for camp use on Day 1 along with arrows and safety accessories specifically selected for each archer individually. All equipment is sized to fit the archer as best as possible based on height and hand-dominance. Equipment may change through out the week before final equipment is designated for the final Tournament Day usage.

      ONLY in-house range equipment will be used or allowed during the camp program, including during the Friday tournament. This is to provide all archers the same experience and chance for success.

      NO outside equipment will be allowed during camp, unless it is due to para-archery or adaptive needs and requirements.

    • Pricing & What Is Included
    • Rate For 5-Day Week Long Camp Session: $450

      Total Camp Hours Included: 12.5 hour per one 5-day week camp session. (2.5 hours/day)
      (training days + tournament day)

      Student welcome packet (Day 1) will include:

      1. Hard-copy of the 2023 Summer Camp workbook with Student’s PIDN inside to access the digital online version at home with parents
      2. Pen for student to bring back each day with their workbook for notes and quizzes
      3. Standard summer camp t-shirt (no name).
        • By pre-request only (must be requesting at time of online registration due to customization to standard shirt):
          • Free: add first name to the front of the t-shirt, not in vinyl. Great for taking picture at the target with family after tournament concludes on Friday.
          • Additional $5: add last name in black vinyl letters to the back of t-shirt. Great for families when taking pictures from behind the archer during the Friday tournament)
    • Daily Camp Schedule Outline
    • Day 1 (Monday) is MANDATORY:

      Day 1 outlines ALL Safety Requirements (required by the range’s insurance), Range Protocols and Steps of Shooting that are used during the week.

      Students absent on Day 1 will be NOT be permitted to use range facilities, range equipment or continue the rest of the camp week

      Due to time constraints, this mandatory overview CANNOT be made up later in the week If you know your child will not be able to attend a Day 1 please register for a different week session, as the syllabus does not change session to session since each session is for beginners only

      A student handbook containing the official learning for the program will be given to registered students on Day 1 (Monday) only of their registered camp date along with their in-house range Profile ID Number (PIDN) which will be used to access the digital version as needed for the parents.

    • Single 5-Day Week Camp Session

      • Monday – Friday @ 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM daily on session dates as advised (2.5 Hours / day x 5 days = 12.5 Hours per week session)

      Day 1 (Monday) – Day 4 (Thursday):

      • Parents can tour the facility between 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM daily and will then be asked to exit the range at 10:00 AM so that students can begin their camp day without distraction
      • Focused Archery Training from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
      • Parents return to pick up students at 12:30 PM

      Day 5 (Friday):

      • Students arrive 20-30 mins early to be ready for OFFICIAL tournament start promptly @ 10:00 AM
      • In-house archery tournament with families welcome to watch and video (no flash photography during tournament) from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
      • Award ceremony by 12:30 PM or before
      • Family photos before and after awards ceremony
    • Begin Registration Process
    • Parents, please click here to begin the Registration Process for your child
      (or click "Register Now" next to one of the session options in the table below)

      This form will also automatically include a special camp Waiver so there is no need to do Minor (under 18) or Adult (18 +) separately for this particular program.

      After the form is received by the range, the following will occur:

      • The form will be reviewed / verified / pre-processed as "temporarily held"
      • Upon verification of submission info and session availability, an invoice for the full amount to hold the spot for the student. Spot is not guaranteed until this occurs and remains as "temporarily held" status
      • To permanently hold / confirm the session spot for your child, please pay the full invoice amount before the Cancellation / Refund Cutoff Date listed in the next tab containing available sessions (see Cancellation / Refund Policy here)
      • Receive official range confirmation from Coach Lani (contact@southbayarcherylessons.com) only after full payment is received. The final confirmation will re-verify all final details previously submitted before camp T-Shirt is printed for student’s session
    • About The Coaches & Instructors
    • The Seasonal "Summer" Camp Program will be lead by Coach Makanalani F. Thatcher and additionally taught by Coach Paul Farbman for the whole group. Both coaches are USA Archery (USAA) Certified Level 4-NTS Coach & Level 2 Judges.

      Based on the final number of registrants for camp program session, the program will also have additional established in-house "Trainee Instructors" from our Advanced / Elite Groups’ archery students or USAA Certified Level 1 / Level 2 Instructors (per week session) that will be assigned to "break-out" groups of no more than 4 students each. "Break-out" group sizes and assigned instructor will be solely dependant on the age groups and number of students that are registered during each camp session.

      These "break-out" groups help to give each new archer a more dedicated experience within the program by allowing the students a better student to instructor ratio of learning in addition to the overall full group experience in the primary group participation activities.

    • Vaccination & Mask Questions & Answers
    • Most Current "Range Policy: COVID-19 Safety Requirements & Updates" can be found here

      (or here if the main website is undergoing updates)

      Beginning on or shortly after Monday, March 01, 2023 all potential range customers, students, parents and event spectators may officially enter the range safely without a mask, regardless of vaccination status
      Therefore, until further notice, the following will also take place, at the discretion of the range
      (for the continued health safety of immune compromised students and coaches/instructors at the range):

      For any/all person(s) specifically planning to schedule or attend a private lesson (1-1), private group lesson / party / corporate team building event (groups of 2 or more), Open Shooting or one of our specialty group programs as either a participant or a spectator, you will still be required to adhere to one of the following options.

      • Option 1: a student, participant or spectator may continue to wear a mask at their own discretion during private lessons or specialty group program(s) for their own health safety and preferences
      • Option 2: a student, participant or spectator may choose to not wear a mask at their own discretion but must remain courteous to other range student(s), participant(s) or spectator(s) if asked for additional space while attending specialty group program(s)

      However, if any person enters the range and either is sick or appears to be sick with the flu or other potentially contagious illness, the Range, Coaches / Instructors or Staff fully reserve the right to require the following of that person to preserve the health of all its continued patrons and students:

      • Participants of specialty group programs (ie: Open Shooting, California Indoor Archers, LEAP, Camps, etc) to either leave the premises / return another day or wear a mask during the remainder of their time in the program or during the remainder of the event for the health of our coaches/instructors and other participants attending the current or next event.

      • Participants of public events (ie: Tournaments, Charity Events, Special Gatherings, etc) to either leave the premises / return another day or wear a mask during the remainder of their time in the program or during the remainder of the event for the health of our coaches/instructors and other participants attending the current or next event.

    • Can Parents & Families Watch During The Training?
    • Parents / Guardians are welcome to come in to see the location their students will shoot on the first day of the camp (Monday) if they arrive before 10:00 AM, but we request that they exit the premises before we are able to actively begin the program. This helps to ensure that all students are focused when we begin training at 10:00 AM sharp and that attention is not distracted. During the primary portion of the camp week, we request that parents drop off / pick up only, again for focus and attention of the students. Watching is allowed and encouraged for the last day (Friday) during the tournament to see what your child has learned and achieved during the week.

      See next section for "Guidelines For Watching The Friday Tournament"

    • Guidelines For Watching The Friday Tournament
    • While spectators (family and friends) will be able to watch in person on the last day of the program during the tournament, we ask that there are no disruptions to the tournament in process as it will be run in accordance to the official tournament protocol as laid out by USA Archery Guidelines.

      Parents, guardians and family members will allowed be allowed inside to watch the tournament in person. Spectators and archers will be allowed in any of the common areas listed here during the event:

      • MAIN Range (downstairs): Behind the blue "Spectator Line" during active shooting. After the tournament, spectators may move in front of the line / up to the target area to take pictures with their archer(s)
      • PARTY ROOM (upstairs): Additional benches and tables will be set up
      • Restroom: available to archers and spectators of the tournament only
    • Absolutely NO running will be tolerated within the range
      This is the #1 range rule

      NO range equipment should be touched or handled by any spectator (family or otherwise), even if they have experience with archery or their own equipment at home. Equipment is specifically designated to handling by the assigned student (waiver on file) or a designatred staff or volunteer for safety and insturance purposes.

      NO ONE, except Coaches and Instructors, may enter any area that is closedoff with a door sign or locked. These areas are restricted to entrance and use by in-house staff and volunteers only for safety and insurance purposes.

      NO outside archery equipment should be brought in during the tournament. Those who would like to ask about their own equipment from home, may do so AFTER the tournament and awards ceremony are completed

      Read full range rules here
      (or here, if the main website is undergoing updates)

    • Summer Camp Program Workbook For Registered Students / Parents
    • A physical printed copy of the Summer Camp Program Workbook will be provided to all students on day 1.

      This book should be brought with them to camp each day as it contains the items we will review each day as well as the morning quiz to ensure they remember what was reviewed the day before. Additionally, there is a digital version of this handbook available for parents to view, using their in-house range Student Profile ID Number (PIDN).

      This PIDN will be given to each individual student at the end of Day. This is to ensure that the student has successfully attended and completed the Day 1 portion of the summer camp, which is mandatory in order to continue the week.

    • Should be Empty: