Rules / Requirements / Equipment

Archery Range Rules​


Rules are ALWAYS posted on-site at the range
Anyone (participant or spectator) found not adhering to the below outlined rules, will be IMMEDIATELY asked to leave
  • ALWAYS keep a loaded bow with the arrow pointing downrange toward the target.
  • ALWAYS make sure there is an arrow in the bow when you draw — NEVER dry fire.
  • NEVER run or fool around on a range.
    Remember, the nock is more dangerous than the point. Be careful with it.
  • ALWAYS use an armguard as well as finger tabs for bows with pull weights of 20lbs or more
  • ALWAYS use arrows that are longer than your draw length and acceptable to your bow’s poundage.
  • When you’ve finished your arrows, ALWAYS step back behind the Waiting line and hang up your bow.
  • ALWAYS pick up arrows from the ground that are in your path; don’t step over them.
  • ALWAYS pull arrows from the side. Check before pulling the first arrow. Then pull from where the arrow enters the target, not mid-shaft.
  • ALWAYS carry or present arrows with two hands. If you have a quiver, use it!
  • ALWAYS respect your fellow archer, which includes not talking on or near the shooting line,
    and not withdrawing from the line if the archer behind you is drawing or shooting.
  • ALWAYS shoot for fun and consistency, not for bull’s-eyes.
  • The use of crossbows or broad-heads in the range are STRICTLY PROHIBITED


Anyone (participant or spectator) found not adhering to the below outlined requirements, will be IMMEDIATELY asked to leave
  • ALL students / participants MUST be 8 years of age and older.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS
  • ALL first time students / participants MUST participate and complete a 15 minute Safety lesson prior to use of range facilities & equipment
  • All students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will remain present during the lesson
  • ALL open shooting participants are REQUIRED to have participated in a private lesson (including the 15 minutes Safety portion) and been approved to come to Open Shooting (prior to the use of range facilities and renting of range equipment).  In lieu of this, an open shooting participant(s) is either:
    1. REQUIRED to have proof of the successful completion of a Safety Lesson from another CERTIFIED coach.  
    2. REQUIRED to have their own equipment (no crossbows or broadheads) and demonstrate the ability to adhere to range and Open Shooting safety protocols during their first Open Shooting session (to be confirmed by Coach on site at the end of first session)
  • ALL first time students/participants are REQUIRED to complete and sign a Release of Liability Waiver & Photo Release form before use of range facilities and range equipment.  This form can be filled out either on-site at the range or by clicking one of the online forms below and submitting it ahead of time.
  • ALL MINORS (8-17) are REQUIRED to also have a parent/guardian sign in addition to the student/participant.

BEFORE ARRIVING for your lesson, please fill out and electronically submit one of the below waiver online. 
Please do NOT print and bring to the range as these waivers are designed to go into our system electronically for verification  
Prior to your lesson we will confirm that the waiver was received electronically


Crossbows are NOT considered archery.

A recurve bow, arrows, quiver, arm guard, and finger tabs are provided during lessons. 

Once someone decides that he/she wants to pursue the sport, it is not required, but highly recommended that individuals purchase their own equipment at professional archery stores (see “Additional Resources – Reliable Archery Retailers“). 

One size, type, or style does not fit all.  Instruction is available for recurve, compound, or longbows.  Please note however, that only a basic recurve bow is provided.