Gift Card Request

BEFORE purchasing a gift certificate, please review all Rules / Requirements / Equipment

Gift Certificates for Open Shooting: Recipients of this type of gift certificate, that will be using our equipment, MUST have already completed an official Safety Lesson at South Bay Archery Lessons or be able to provide proof of the successful completion of a Safety Lesson at another range BEFORE they will be able to redeem this type of gift certificate.

All gift cards are personally created for the intended recipient(s) so printing and mailing/pick-up may not be the same day as your request is submitted on.

Processing outline:

  1. The form is filled out and submitted by the requestor
  2. The form has been received by the range and specially printed for the recipient with details of the gift
  3. The gift card is then scheduled for either in-person pick-up or mailed directly to the requester or the recipient
  4. Once printing of the card is done and ready for either pick-up or mailing, you will be sent an invoice for the gift certificate through Square, where you can securely make the payment (gift card is not activated until after payment is received)

This form MUST be filled out in order to request a gift certificate and the issued invoice paid in full BEFORE the gift certificate is valid for use.  

Payment is done after the form has been filled out, received by our range and processed by the billing person.  The invoice will then come from Square, where you can securely make the payment.