Bow Style Charts

Bow Style Chart for USAA / FITA / World Archery

Bow StyleDescription
Olympic Recurveaka "FITA Recurve"
Barebowaka "Barebow Recurve"
USA Archery (USAA)
Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc (FITA) aka World Archery Federation (WA)
State Archers of California (SAC) also adheres to these types of styles

Bow Style Chart for NFAA / CBH / SAA

Bow StyleDescription
Freestyle Limited
BarebowCompound Bow:
Archers shooting Barebow style will use bow, arrows, strings, and accessories
free from any sights, marks or blemishes that may be used as a sighting aid.
Competitive Bowhunter
Bowhunter Freestyle
Bowhunter Freestyle Limited
Freestyle Limited
Recurve/TraditionalRecurve aka "Barebow Recurve"
FITA Recurveaka "Olympic Recurve"
NASP Division
National Field Archery Association (NFAA)
California Bowmen Hunters (CBH)
State Archery Association (SAA)
*as outlined in NFAA® RULES handbook