Specific information for attending Vegas Shoot at South Bay Archery Lessons
South Bay Archery Lessons is an approved and registered virtual location for the Vegas Shoot 2021 (click here to see list of approved and registered locations). Range Lane Reservation RATE:  $45 for single day 900 round (3 x 300 Round @ 20 yards).   All groups will be shooting from 20 yard.  Each 900 round will take place within a single half day or estimated 4.5 hours, including 10-15 minutes for breaks as needed by the Registrants.  We will also have a timeclock to show the 2 minutes (120 seconds) for each end, including the 2 practice ends.  Vegas dual side targets (from Vegas Shoot) will be provided for the archer who register to shoot at our location.  For those with compound bows, we will provide a special foam backing to ensure no arrow go through the bales.  Please also remember that per Vegas rules, compound bows should not exceed a 80 lb. peak draw weight.
  • Crossbows and broadheads are not allowed at this location.
Our location does not break up the 300 rounds due to normal business restrictions.  We will start promptly at the beginning of each time.  Registrants should arrive at least 30  minutes early to set up their equipment and prepare before entering the range.  Upon entering the range, they should confirm their lane assignments, if not previously done, and confirm their scorecards are correct. Your lane assignment will be assigned no less than 3 days prior to your confirmed date/time.

Double Scoring:

South Bay Archery Lessons will have scoring pads that will allow for easier scoring and confirming of score.  However, the official 900 round scores will be uploaded to the IANSEO system after the 900 round has been completed (at the end of the day) along with a photo copy of your official VEGAS paper scorecard.  This is due to how IANSEO has specific lane assignments that cannot be done during a virtual round in a group setting.

We will ask that any registrants shooting at our location email us a copy of their official scorecard (also should contain the competition code) that they will receive from Vegas Shoot/NFAA within about 3 days after they register for the event from NFAA.  This will allow us to do the following on your behalf:

  1. Have your official paper scorecard printed and ready for you to use when you arrive on your reserved date and time
  2. Submit the scores digitally (at the end of each shooting day) on your behalf directly through the IANSEO system
  • All Registrants MUST be no younger than 8 years of age to participate at our location, due to our insurance restrictions.  Our location insurance does not cover those under the age of 8.
  • All Registrants MUST have their own equipment to participate.  Renting/borrowing of range equipment is not available.
Tournament Description & Registration

The Vegas Shoot 2021 is being held in multiple virtual locations this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the health safety of all archers.

Official Vegas Shoot 2021 tournament registration is required prior to attending any host location and is exclusively available through The Vegas Shoot or National Field Archery Association (NFAA) member web portal.  No on-site registration is available as per the Vegas Shoot’s requirements, “archers must register for the event at least 48 hours prior to their planned shooting time for processing”.  Lane reservations at at the South Bay Archery Location location should be made no less than 72 hours before the interested date/time. This is for processing needs by our staff.  We will require proof that you have the Virtual 2021 Ticket #, from NFAA during lane reservation,

To learn more about the Vegas Shoot, click one of the buttons below that goes to the official Vegas Shoot 2021 website.
  • All participants MUST wear a facemask AT ALL TIMES that completely cover both their mouth and nose while inside the range (including during shooting) for the protection of all other participants and coaches/judges. Valve facemasks, face shields or face/neck scarves are not acceptable protection during this event and will not be allowed.  Temperature checks will be given by range staff before begin able to enter the building.  If your temperature is over the limit, you may be asked to wait a moment and then retest or if it continues to be the same temperature, you may be asked to leave for the safety of all participants.
  • ONLY Registrants will be allowed in the building for COVID-19 health restrictions.  We will work towards creating a live stream for family and friends who wish to watch the shooting remotely.
  • Registration is limited to the first 11 applications per date/time line bracket.  This is due to COVID-19 Health & Safety Regulations.  This also ensures that people can be spaced out within the range while waiting to shoot, as well as not requiring anyone to be on the same target, though they will share bales.
  • Archers will be required to have their equipment setup BEFORE entering the building and will be asked to leave at the conclusion of the 900 Round to allow adequate time for sanitation of bales and other areas of the range for the next group

Date / Time Lines Available Lanes will be assigned
to ensure safety and shooting with those in similar divisions

These will be the only available dates and times available at our location

Shooting Line #DateTime StartTime EndOpen ToLast Date To Register
(for processing reasons)
Spaces Still Available
(out of 11)
1Saturday, March 13, 20218:00 AM1:00 PMIn-house club onlyWednesday, March 10, 20218
2Saturday, March 13, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMIn-house club onlyWednesday, March 10, 20218
3Sunday, March 14, 20218:00 AM1:00 PMIn-house club onlyThursday, March 11, 20215
4Sunday, March 14, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMIn-house club onlyThursday, March 11, 20210
5Monday, March 15, 20218:00 AM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 12, 202111
6Monday, March 15, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 12, 202110
7Monday, March 22, 20218:00 AM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 19, 20219
8Monday, March 22, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 19, 202111
9Monday, March 29, 20218:00 AM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 26, 202111
10Monday, March 29, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, March 26, 202111
11Monday, April 5, 20218:00 AM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, April 2, 202111
12Monday, April 5, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, April 2, 202111
13Monday, April 12, 20218:00 AM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, April 9, 202111
14Monday, April 12, 20212:00 PM7:00 PMAll ParticipantsFriday, April 9, 202111