All equipment (bow, arrow and safety) is included in the $200 rate for the 5 day session. We have several different program sessions to select from, with each of the week-long sessions beginning on a Monday and concluding on the Friday of that same week. Registration and payment are required prior to the starting date of the session you wish to enroll your child in.

The program is specifically designed for first-time students who may have been interested in trying archery and is focused on introducing these new students to the basics of archery so that they learn correct processes while having FUN! On the concluding Friday of each week-long session, there is an in-house tournament for the students.  Each camp week’s lesson plan is the same as those prior.

In addition to shooting, during the week session all students will learn about the following (but not limited to) schedule outlined below.

Parents and families are welcome to watch on the last day of the program during the tournament. We ask that there are no disruptions to the tournament in process as it will be run in accordance to the official tournament protocol as laid out by USA Archery Guidelines.

Please avoid signing your child up for more than one week session as each session keeps the same outline and is only intended for learning the basic skills for archery.
Private lessons are available for further skill building if interested at the end of the camp

Session #
Session Week Dates
Last Date
To Register Student(s)
# of Remaining
Spots Out of 12
Registration Status
Monday, 07/08/2019 – Friday, 07/12/2019
Friday, 07/3/2019
Monday, 07/29/2019 – Friday, 08/02/2019
Friday, 07/22/2019
Monday, 08/12/2019 – Friday, 08/16/2019
Friday, 08/09/2019

see “Daily Schedule Outline” below to see daily check-in times and daily lesson plan

Daily Camp Schedule Outline

Day 1 (Monday) is MANDATORY: If you know your child will not be able to attend a Day 1 please register for a different week
Day 1 outlines ALL Safety Requirements (required by the range’s insurance), Range Protocols and Steps of Shooting that are used during the week.
Students absent on Day 1 will be NOT be permitted to use range facilities, range equipment or continue the rest of the camp week
Due to time constraints, this mandatory overview CANNOT be made up later in the week
DayTimeActivity / Instruction
10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
Learn: Sign-In and Introductions
Learn: Safety Requirements
Learn: Range Protocols
Learn: Steps of Shooting
Learn: Types of equipment to be used (bow, arrow, safety equipment)
• Official assignment of equipment that students will use during the week
• First shots
Tuesday10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
Recap/Quiz: Safety Requirements / Range Protocols / Steps of Shooting
Learn: Parts of the recurve bow
• Equipment setup
• Shooting Time & Process Refinement
Wednesday10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
Recap/Quiz: Parts of the bow
Learn: Parts of the arrow
• Equipment setup
• Shooting Time & Process Refinement
Thursday10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
Recap/Quiz: Parts of the arrow
Learn: Tournament Procedures in preparation for Tournament on Friday
• Equipment setup
• Shooting Time & Refinement
Friday10:45 AM – 12:30 PM
1 hour 45 minutes (105 minutes)
• Equipment setup
300 Round Tournament: 30 arrows = 10 ends of 3 arrows each
• Award Ceremony
• Camp group pictures